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Sign Up For Journal Alerts for State Agency Employees

  1. Journal Alert Information

    Start receiving your favorite journals, delivered to your work email, as soon as they become available.

    Depending on which database the journal title could be found in, it is possible that further instructions would be sent for follow up on your end. 

    • If the title can be found on ProQuest, an alert can be created for you by the librarians here at the State Library. 
    • If the title can only be found on any Ebsco databases, instructions will be sent on how to sign up for alerts yourself.  Because you will receive a renewal reminder email when an alert is about to expire, the alert emails need to be sent to your email and not someone's here at the library, ensuring that you won't miss out on any alerts in the future.

    A confirmation email will be sent to the work email address provided. Once you confirm, alerts will be sent to your inbox as issues become available.

    Fill out this form, and choose from the options below, or fill out the title suggestion box for more information.

  2. Journal Examples That Can Be Selected
  3. In addition to the journals listed below, there are hundreds of others available for this service. To find out if your nonlisted favorite journals are included in the State Library's databases, enter the title in the above box and someone from the Reference Department will contact you.

  4. If you choose to have a copy of your form submission emailed to you, this email will come from

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