I receive an error message when attempting to login. What should I do?
  1. Make sure that your card is still valid and you have entered the correct login information. Contact your local library to verify that your account is valid and to double-check your login information. Please note that KSLCs expire after three years. If your card has expired past the point that the library can renew it, a new card can be issued to you.

  2. Clear your browser's temporary internet files. Your internet browser may be saving old login information. Please visit our Clearing Your Temporary Internet Files page to learn how to find this option for most types of browsers.

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1. What is the Kansas Library eCard (KSLC)?
2. How do I get a Kansas Library eCard?
3. Who can get a card & is there an age limit?
4. Where do I log in to access the databases?
5. How do I use the card with statewide audiobooks or ebooks?
6. When does my card expire & how do I renew it?
7. I'm in the military and currently based out of state. Can I get a card?
8. I reside outside of Kansas - can I still get a card?
9. I've lost my card, who do I contact?
10. I receive an error message when attempting to login. What should I do?
11. Can I use the card to check out books, DVDs, and other regular library materials?
12. Are any of the online resources useful to non-English language readers?
13. Will my use of the Kansas Library eCard be monitored?
14. History of the Kansas Library eCard