Does Talking Books provide textbooks?

While some books teachers and professors may assign can be obtained at Talking Books, textbooks are not specifically provided by Talking Books. Students receive many textbooks from Learning Ally, located in Princeton, New Jersey. For more information on textbooks, contact Learning Ally at 1-800-221-4792 or visit their website. Bookshare is a free source for students with over a million books in large print, audio, braille, highlighted text, and other formats. For more information, visit their website.

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1. Who may use the service?
2. What types of materials are available?
3. How do I send in my requests?
4. How do I receive books from my library?
5. How are the books sent and how long may they be kept?
6. What if I do not enjoy the books I am receiving?
7. Are book catalogs available? How often will I receive catalogs?
8. Will my Talking Books play on my computer?
9. What happens if my playback machine or books stops working?
10. Are videos included in the collection?
11. Does Talking Books provide textbooks?
12. What if I want to make suggestions about titles or authors to be recorded on Talking Books?
13. If I move out of the area or out of state, can I take my Talking Book player(s)?