History of the Kansas Library eCard
The first Kansas Library Cards came into use in 2002 as a way for Kansas residents to access research databases and later our first downloadable ebooks & audiobooks services. The original cards were orange, and since they were in use for years many people around the state still have them.

The Kansas Library Card has often been confused with other library cards, so in 2013 we decided to try naming it the Kansas Library eCard. Since the card is only a login for digital materials, we hoped calling it the eCard would reinforce that. When a library creates a new eCard number, they may enter your email address so your card information will be sent to you. Paper cards are still available if you want one.

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1. What is the Kansas Library eCard (KSLC)?
2. How do I get a Kansas Library eCard?
3. Who can get a card & is there an age limit?
4. Where do I log in to access the databases?
5. How do I use the card with statewide audiobooks or ebooks?
6. When does my card expire & how do I renew it?
7. I'm in the military and currently based out of state. Can I get a card?
8. I reside outside of Kansas - can I still get a card?
9. I've lost my card, who do I contact?
10. I receive an error message when attempting to login. What should I do?
11. Can I use the card to check out books, DVDs, and other regular library materials?
12. Are any of the online resources useful to non-English language readers?
13. Will my use of the Kansas Library eCard be monitored?
14. History of the Kansas Library eCard