Walter August Huxman (1937-1939)

Huxman Walter A

Politician, Governor

Born: 16 February 1887, Reno County, Kansas
Died: 26 June 1972, Topeka, Kansas.

Inaugural address, 1937
Governor's Message, 1937
Special Session Message, 1937
Special Session Message, 1938

The state's 27th governor, Walter A. Huxman, was born on February 16, 1887, in Reno County, Kansas. He taught school, received a legal education at the University of Kansas law school, and won election as a Democrat in 1936. After one term as Kansas' chief executive, Huxman was appointed judge of the Tenth U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals, a position he held until 1962. Judge Huxman died in Topeka on June 26, 1972.

Governor biographies courtesy of the Kansas Historical Society.