Clyde Martin Reed (1929-1931)

reed clyde

Clyde Reed was born in Champaign County, Illinois. A journalist and a Republican, Reed served 10 years in the U. S. Senate (1939-1949) after a single term as governor (1929-1931). The 78-year-old senator died in Parsons on November 8,1949 before the end of his second term.In 1875, when Reed was just four years old, his family left Illinois for Kansas. In 1917, after a number of years with the U. S. Post Office Department, Reed took over as manager and editor of the Parsons Sun. In 1938 he defeated the incumbent George McGill in the senatorial race and was reelected in 1944. Senator Reed died in Parsons, during his second term, on November 8, 1949.

Governor biographies courtesy of the Kansas Historical Society.