George Hartshorn Hodges (1913-1915)

Hodges George

Politician, Governor

Born: 6 February 1866, Richland County, Wisconsin
Died: 7 October 1947, Kansas City, Missouri

Inaugural Address, 1913
Governor's Message, 1913
Speech to the Legislature, March 10, 1913
Speech to the Legislature, March 17, 1913

George H. Hodges was born in Richland County, Wisconsin, on February 6, 1866, and moved to Johnson County when he was just three years old. He operated a lumber business in Olathe before and after becoming Kansas' second Democratic governor. During the 1912 election that saw Hodges defeat Republican Arthur Capper in the gubernatorial contest, Kansas women were granted equal suffrage under the state's constitution. Hodges died in Kansas City, Missouri, on October 7, 1947.

Governor biographies courtesy of the Kansas Historical Society.