Preferred Lender Lists for Non-Courier Libraries

In order for KICNET to send requests to libraries in the correct order, each library needs to establish a list of preferred lenders. These preferred lenders are based on three primary factors:
  • Whether or not your library participates in the Kansas Library Express Courier
  • The regional system in which your library is located
  • The ratio of items your library lends to items borrowed
(Libraries that are on the courier should email Caroline Handwork at NEKLS for a copy of the most recent preferred lender list for their region.)

To use this page, click on the link for the regional library system in which your library is located (even if your library is not a system member). Using copy and paste, transfer the list of library codes to the Preferred Lender List in your KICNET Participant Record. If you like, modify the suggested lender lists to take out your own library code, and to move libraries in your own community (and other libraries with which you have special arrangements) to the top of their preferred lender list.

If you need assistance, contact your regional library system automation or ILL staff or the Statewide Services Division of the State Library.

Preferred Lender Lists