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City Population Estimates

See the official U.S. Census Population Estimates for each Kansas incorporated city.

The following are the ten largest cities in Kansas by population, based on the Census estimates for July 1, 2012:

CityPopulation Estimate
Overland Park178,919
Kansas City147,268

These are the ten fastest growing cities in Kansas by percent change in population and by total population increase in Census estimates between the April 1, 2010 estimates base number and the July 1, 2012 estimate:

City (County)Percent Change (Numeric Change)
Grandview Plaza (Geary)14.2% (222)
Milford (Geary)11.9% (63)
Junction City (Geary)10.6% (2,468)
St. George (Pottawatomie)10.5% (67)
Maize (Sedgwick)7.7% (266)
Manhattan (Riley)7.2% (3,790)
Gardner (Johnson)6.2% (1,195)
Randolph (Riley)4.9% (8)
Horace (Greeley)4.3% (3)
Tribune (Greeley)4.0% (30)

Finally, the following table represents the fastest growing cities by total population growth from April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2012:

City (County)Population Change (Percent)
Overland Park (Johnson)5,557 (3.2%)
Olathe (Johnson)4,173 (3.3%)
Manhattan (Riley)3,790 (7.2%)
Wichita (Sedgwick)3,204 (0.8%)
Junction City (Geary)2,468 (10.6%)
Lawrence (Douglas)1,869 (2.1%)
Kansas City (Wyandotte)1,482 (1.0%)
Shawnee (Johnson)1,431 (2.3%)
Lenexa (Johnson)1,208 (2.5%)
Gardner (Johnson)1,195 (6.2%)

Historic Population of Cities

This table shows the historic population of Kansas' 25 largest cities, as of the Census' July 1, 2012 population estimate.

American Community Survey Demographic Profiles

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These are general demographic profiles of cities, school districts, and congressional districts in Kansas with more than 65,000 people.


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