Direct Purchaser Information

Interested in direct purchasing for the consortia?  Please email Lianne Flax for setup and training.

Current Purchasers: please remember to tell Lianne when you order! 
  • OneClickdigital - please forward the order confirmation email.
  • Cloud Library - simple note with number of titles or amount spent sufficient.
  • Ordered patron requests?  Please mention this, Lianne will notify the patrons.
OneClickdigital - RB Shopping Site
  • username is your email address - this shopping panel was new in 2016, if you have not ordered recently and need assistance please let Lianne know!
  • contact Lianne Flax if you have lost your password.
Purchasing Options
  • Recorded Books shopping site
  • Standing Order Plans - wide range of options (quarterly, monthly, bundled with CDs for your library).
About ordering through the OneClick Admin:
  • 20% discount is applied to orders through the RB site.
  • Order confirmation will arrive by email almost immediately after the order is placed.
  • RB also sells ebooks, CDs, and other materials through their shopping site.  Your account has been set to default to eAudio, but if you were to click into the "other formats" section of the book record you will see these materials.  Please do not add these to your cart!
  • Recorded Books bills per cart ordered. Most invoices arrive within a week of the order. Often these come to the State Library instead of you directly.  Lianne will forward you the invoice by email.
  • Pre-ordered books will be invoiced when the book is released.
  • Need an early invoice?  Just ask Lianne, please allow 1-2 days for processing. 
Cloud Library CAT (Admin Panel)
  • username is your email address
  • use forgot password link if you have misplaced your information.
What do you need to know about purchasing?
  • Pre-Made Carts: may drag items from any of these shopping carts into your buying cart.  Lianne adds books to Community Carts to help with selection:
    • Patron Requests (any patron requests added on Monday afternoons)
    • Bestsellers (from NYTimes or Top Sellers lists)
    • High Holds
    • Genre carts - mystery, western, kids, etc.
  • Order confirmation - the system does not send order confirmation emails, but Lianne can double-check order status the next morning.
  • Non-sellers suppressed - if a publisher will not sell to a consortia library like ours, Cloud Library has suppressed it in the ordering panel.  You will not even see those books in searches and cannot accidentally order them.
  • Cloud Library bills for all carts ordered during the previous calendar month around the 15th. Invoices are emailed to Lianne, she will forward yours + the invoice details report for your cart(s) being invoiced. 
  • Pre-ordered books will be invoiced for the month the book is released.
  • Need an early invoice? Ask Lianne.  Allow 2-3 days for processing of an early invoice.