Summer Reading 2023

Two girls carrying a shelf with books on it, spines facing out and the slogan All Together Now.

Summer Reading 2023

All Together Now : Todos Juntos Ahora

May 29th - August 4th

Talking Books patrons of all ages are invited to unite in our love of reading with "All Together Now : Todos Juntos Ahora."

By registering for summer reading, you’ll be entered to win one of our weekly prizes. You must reach the reading goal specific to your age group to be eligible for our Grand Prize drawing. One grand prize will be awarded for each age group.

The reading goal for adults is 5 books read for the duration of the program. Youth patrons, ages 0-17, have a reading goal of 60 minutes per week.

Prizes are generously donated by the Kansas Advisory Council for Talking Books Services and we thank the council for their support.

To register for the summer reading program, please call us at 1-800-362-0699, email, or fill out our online sign up form.

Weekly Themes

Welcome to All Together Now : Todos Juntos Ahora! 

Throughout the summer, become friends with the characters, people or books from each week's themed recommended book lists and unite in spreading friendship and kindness by completing any of the weekly activities posted here. 

Happy reading!

  • Week 1: Love yourself: because kindness starts from within
  • Week 2: Love without boundaries
  • Week 3: A tail of friendship
  • Week 4: United frontiers
  • Week 5: Partners in crime...solving
  • Week 6: Uncommon kindness: acts of kindness that changed history
  • Week 7: Intergalatic connections
  • Week 8: Familial bonds: families of blood, families of choice
  • Week 9: Holding out, together
  • Week 10: TBD

Weekly Reading Recommendations & Activities