2017 Kids Summer Reading Book of the Week

The books promoted weekly through the summer of 2017 no longer have direct special links, but are still accessible through the Kids' eBook sites:

What is Matter? (Britannica E-STAX book) - final book 7/28/17.  Anything that takes up space is matter. Air, water, rocks, even people. Learn about the different states of matter. 

Do Unto Otters & We Are Citizens (BookFlix storybook pair)  Bunnies and otters learn to get along despite their differences, which showing you how to say "excuse me" and "thank you" in four languages.

Solving Real-World Problems with Civil Engineering (Britannica E-STAX ebook)  Civil engineers build things like bridges, canals, and dams to bring water to cities and allow us to travel more easily. Learn more about these big projects. Librarians, there’s a simple bridge example on page 28. If you want to learn about more types of engineers scroll down on the book details page & click on the “Let’s Find Out!” series link. 

Curious Garden / Helping Out Set (BookFlix story & nonfiction pair)  In a city without greenery, Liam loves being outside. One day his curiosity leads him up on an unused railway, and discovers he can build a garden. His garden spreads through the dreary town and soon other kids are gardening too. 

Natural or Man-Made? (Britannica E-STAX ebook)  What makes something natural versus something people make? Librarians, another good one to use with an activity (a natural material next to an item made with it). 

I’m Dirty / Backhoes (BookFlix story & nonfiction pair) Video storybook has a backhoe explaining all its parts and how it works. Read the ebook afterwards for more details and photos instead of illustrations.

What Is It Made Of? (Britannica E-STAX ebook)  Can you tell the difference between things made of wood, plastic, and metal? Librarians and parents, this would be a great book to read along with an activity board of different items. 

Johnny Appleseed (BookFlix story & nonfiction pair) - Did you know Johnny Appleseed was a real person? He planted apple trees to feed the community just as he spread kindness to his neighbors. There’s so many ways to build a better world! 

Building with Shapes (Britannica E-STAX ebook) - first book 6/3/17. There are shapes everywhere you look. Explore the names of shapes and what you can do with them.