Android Devices

If your device is getting older, please check its version of Android under: Settings->About Device/Phone/Tablet before proceeding!

Services available:
 What is it?
Versions compatible?
eBooks - mostly fiction, some popular nonfiction. Bigger publishers & bestsellers.  Browse, checkout, and reading are all done inside the app.
5.0 & up
Enki Library
eBooks - wide variety of fiction & nonfiction which also includes independent publishers & self-published books. Set up a reader app, then use the website to checkout & download a book.
5.0 & up (with SimplyE app)
eBooks - wide variety of fiction & nonfiction, very large selection.  No holds. Set up the Freading reader app, then use the website to checkout/download the books into the reader.
5.0 & up
Britannica E-STAX
Kids' nonfiction eBooks - no specific checkout, use as many books as you would like. Read in your browser or install the app to be able to use the books offline.
Browser: all
Digital storybooks. No checkout, use as many books as you like. Books are viewed in browser so no apps or downloads of files.

Android Device has Google Play Store, but older than compatible versions? 

Please note the Aldiko Reader (for use with Enki Library) still works directly on a very wide range of devices!
  • cloudLibrary - workaround to transfer from computer to older device.

Android Device without Google Play Store? 

If your device does not have the Play Store (Google's formal app store):
  • cloudLibrary eBooks as if a Kindle Fire - if device is at least Android version 4.0.3.  If older, the 3M note for an older device above will work.
  • Enki eBooks - Aldiko app also as if a Kindle Fire, also still works on versions as old as 2.3.
  • Freading eBooks - if you have the GetJar or SlideMe app store on your device, use it to install the Freading app.  Setup and use is the same as in the instructions above, aside from your app store's name.

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