Learn to Use Online Resources

Databases, learning modules, skill builders?  The statewide online resources are subscribed-to services for research and learning purposes.  These might contain:
  • articles, including full-text of magazine/journal issues you can read.
  • images, audio, and videos.
  • tutorials, practice tests, and quizzes.
  • full reference eBooks, which are searchable for your topic.  
Below are materials covering what is available in our resources and how to use them.

Regular Research
History & Genealogy
    Librarians & Educators

     Skill Builders
    Special Tools  
    Tools are linked in the left navigation of the database page.
    • Journal Finder - need to look in a specific magazine or journal? This tool tells you which database you will find it in full-text, so you don't have to try several.
    • Kansas Periodical Index - Kansas journals and magazines are not always included in the big research databases. 
    Stats & Government

    Need help with a product we don't have a video or tutorial for yet, or need help deciding which databases are best for your research topic?  Just contact the State Library