Financial Organizations in Kansas

Financial Organizations and Agencies in Kansas:

Kansas Council for Economic Education
Find resources and skills needed to educate the youth of Kansas with knowledge of personal finance and economics.

Kansas Housing and Credit Counseling, Inc.-Educational Programs
Counseling and education for all people to help achieve personal housing and financial goals to becoming financially stable.  HCCI also has information on credit and money management available through the website.

Kansas Money

Created for financial information concerning Kansans, by state agencies in Kansas
Office of the Kansas Securities Commissioner-Investor Education
Information found here will help you stay informed and become a wiser investor. 

Office of the Kansas State Treasurer-Financial Education & Resources 
Financial literacy and education resources are provided for a variety of age groups: adults, college age, high school, middle school, and grade school.  Many are Kansas based organizations with local help available.

Office of the State Bank Commissioner of Kansas-Consumer Education
Provides links to assist agencies in their efforts to educate and provide financial literacy programs to Kansas consumers of all ages.