Additional Financial Literacy Information


IRS Tax Forms Outlet Program
Request to have your library become part of the Tax Forms Outlet Program, which offers tax products to the American public.

Other Kansas public libraries offering Financial Literacy information:

Kansas City Public Library
Find information on several different topics concerning Personal Finance through the Business and Career Center.

Lawrence Public Library
The series of five workshops, a popular program, offers a series of financial literacy workshops that provides basic money management and investing information to anyone in Lawrence interested in improving his or her money IQ.

(If your Kansas public library isn't listed, but it has a financial literacy program, please email the State Library at, and include the phrase "Financial Literacy" in the subject line. The library and a link to the financial literacy portion of the website will then be included in this section.)

Other State Libraries offering Financial Literacy information:

South Carolina State Library
Assisting library patrons and users learn the basics of financial literacy and the banking & financial systems.

State Library of Ohio
Resources compiled to support public libraries in helping community members make better money-management choices, become better savers and investors, and reach their financial goals.


Financial Education in Libraries Webinar Transcript
Combined webinar with the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, (Pilgrim) Public Library, Orange County Library System, and the American Library Association.
Financial Education Resources for Library Staff

This webinar can be found through the FDLP Academy, under the Federal Agency Webinars group. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is working to provide libraries with financial education resources, program ideas, marketing materials, training, and more.


Financial Literacy-Product Spotlight

This spotlight focuses on online tools, both free and ­subscription-based, that are available for guiding patrons toward solid financial decision-making, regardless of current life phase or economic status.
Public Libraries to Take Center Stage in Financial Literacy
US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has announced a new partnership with public libraries to help them become a trusted source for unbiased financial education information and resources in their communities.