Cloud Library for Nook Color & Nook Tablet

If you have a Nook HD or newer Nook tablet, please use the Android app instructions

As of April 2016, Barnes & Noble has discontinued the Nook App Store.  This means that older Nook Color & Nook Tablets can no longer install apps.  If you do not already have the Cloud Library app installed on your device, you can still use ebooks from Cloud Library, but must transfer them from the computer to the device (as if it was a Nook Simple Touch).  Please see these directions.

Already had the Cloud Library app installed before the app store went away?  It is still working at this time. We've kept the notes below, while marking through the install directions. Please note that if you uninstall the app for any reason you will not be able to reload it.

Getting Started

A. Install App & Log In
  1. On your device, tap your menu key (N button) and select Apps. 
  2. Tap "Shop Now" at the top of your apps screen. 
  3. The app store opens.  Tap the search bar at the bottom of the screen.  Type 3M cloud library and tap the search button on your keyboard.
  4. Select the 3M Cloud Library (for Nook Color & Tablet) and install it. 
  5. Open the app for first use - it will want to connect to your library.  Notes on filling this out:
    • Library = State Library of Kansas
    • Library Card ID = your Kansas Library eCard number
    • PIN/Password = your birthdate in MMDDYYYY format
    • Tap on "End user license agreement" and mark agree.
  6. The app will connect. Normally, the app will save your information and you will not have to log in next time.
B. Quick App Overview
The Cloud Library app has 4 main tabs, shown across the top in the black bar.
  • Shelves - this is like the library's display case.  It will show any "spotlight" titles and usually new additions.
  • Categories - subject browse.  Use the "filter" button to limit your browsing to only books available to checkout (this does stay on).
  • Search - this is a simple search.  Try only the last name of an author, part of a title, or a keyword here.
  • My Books - your account screen.  It contains areas for your currently checked out books & holds list, but also:
    • Reading History (you can delete your history if you chose)
    • Message Center - news from the library will appear here.
    • Account Profile - this is where you set your email address, if you would like to be notified when it is your turn for a hold (optional).

Checking Out a Book

You can use a variety of ways to search or browse for a book, but this is our favorite.

  1. Go to Categories.  Click on the Filter button & set it to "books available for checkout."  The screen will reload.
  2. Scroll down to the category of your choice. If you pick a large category like Fiction, it will have sub-categories (romance, crime, etc). At any point you may tap the "show all books" if you do not want to go into further sub-categories.
  3. When you've found a book, tap on it.  The book's summary box opens, click on the green "checkout now" button.
  4. The checkout processes, and shows the book downloading into the My Books area.  Usually, the book will open as soon as the download completes so you may use it immediately.

Using a Book

  • Open a book - tap the book's cover from the wood-paneled area in My Books. 
  • Turn pages - tap on the right margin to go forward a page, left margin to back up.
  • Close a book - tap the center of the book's page.  A menu comes up at the top, select the icon of books with an arrow in the top left corner.  This exits to the My Books screen, and will have saved your place in the book.
  • Reading Options - tap on the center of the book's page.  In the menu at top, tap the double-A button in the center to see:
    • Font size
    • Margin size
    • Brightness control (bar with suns)
    • Night mode (toggles to black background with white text)
    • Lock rotation (locks book into portrait, cannot auto-adjust to landscape if you turn tablet). 

What else?

  • 5 books may be checked out at a time, and books checkout for 14 days.  There is not a renewal option, but you can check out the book again immediately if no one else has it on hold.
  • Early return - books will return at the end of the 14 day checkout, but please do return the book if you finish early.
    • Go to My Books and tap the List View button (upper right corner of the wood-paneled area)
    • Tap the book you are finished with.
    • Tap the red "check in" button then "return book" to confirm.
  • Holds - if all digital copies of a book are checked out, you may place it on hold.  When it is your turn for a hold you will have 3 days to check it out before the book goes to the next person in line.  If you place holds, please sign up for email notification so you do not miss a book:
    • go to My Books & select Account Profile.
    • Email notification is at the top - turn this on, give the app your email, and save.
    • The system will send you a confirmation email.  Follow any directions in the email to verify your address.