Grants-In-Aid (State Aid)

State Aid funding is appropriated by the Kansas Legislature to the State Library of Kansas. KSA 75-2553 et seq.
 The purpose of State Aid is to supplement, not replace, local libraries’ budgets. This requires a maintenance of effort.
Completion of the annual KS Public Library Survey/State Report and a demonstrated Maintenance of Effort is required in order for a KS public library to be eligible to receive State Aid. 
 SLK verifies each individual public library's maintenance of effort and tracks the completion of the Annual KS Public Library Survey/State Report. 


  • 1/3 distributed to the 7 Regional Library Systems.
  • 2/3 distributed to eligible public library on a per capita basis

Populations are calculated by the State Library using the Certified Population by the Secretary of State and a worksheet to determine the Legal Service Area (LSA) for each library. 


KS Public Library Survey/State Report

Statistics from the previous calendar year are collected during January and February.

More information can be located at

Maintenance of Effort

Answers the question: “Is your library’s funding body (city, county, district, etc.) providing at least the same amount of tax support this year as last year?”

One of two tests are needed to be passed, both are not required. Municipal budgets used by the State Library in order to make eligibility determinations are those located on the Department of Administration website under Municipal Services- Budgets 

 First test

A public library is eligible for State Aid if the total of the amount of: 

  • Ad valorem property taxes;
  • Local ad valorem tax reduction funds (LAVTR); 
  • Motor vehicle taxes;
  • and delinquent (back) taxes
for the current year budget is equal to or greater than the total actual amount for the preceding year.

Second test
A public library in which the assessed valuation decreases shall remain eligible for State Aid provided the library mill levy rate has not been reduced below the library mill levy rate imposed the previous year. 

Payments and Expenditures

Funds are disbursed on February 15 each year, per KSA 785-2557. Public libraries will receive through either a direct deposit or a mailed check. 

State Aid funds may be used for any public library purpose except construction, repair or debt reduction. 

Related Kansas Statutes Annotated (KSA)

Article 25 State Library and Library Services
75-2553 Grants-in-aid to libraries act; citation
75-2554 Grants-in-aid to libraries; definitions
75-2555 Same; apportionment and distribution to eligible libraries; formula
75-2556 Grants-in-aid to libraries; annual report of population and tax information; determination of amount of and eligibility for aid; payment dates
75-2557 Same; certification by state librarian of amounts payable; duties of director of accounts and reports
75-2558 Grants-in-aid to libraries; limitations of expenditures from state aid funds; penalty
75-2559 Same; annual expenditure reports by libraries receiving grants-in-aid
75-2560 Same; powers and duties of state librarian; withholding aid; notice of noncompliance with act to director of accounts and reports. 
75-2561 Same; budget requests of state librarian; reports of distributions and expenditures
75-2562 Same; acceptance of federal grants or funds by state librarian; distribution; plan by advisory commission; independent application for and receipt of federal funds; effect