Partnering with Business

This was the Third Program in "The Workforce Recovery Program" series and was originally held on May 3, 2012.

This third and final program in the Workforce Recovery series is based on work done for the national Project Compass program, but the emphasis will be somewhat different from the programs on helping job seekers.

The session emphasized a different aspect of community economic development. Librarians have a growing interest in partnering with small business and entrepreneurs in their communities. Many economists believe that small business will be a major driver of the long-term economic recovery. This program will emphasize the amazing resources that Kansas librarians have available through WebJunction and Gale Business. Once they understand that they already have a Business Resource Center, Kansas librarians can assess what partnering with business can do for both the library and the community. Thanks to the growth of online resources, it is gaining ground in suburban and rural communities.

This workshop will be divided into three parts. The first will be a discussion of the importance of partnering with community business and how to address the barriers that have kept this from happening.

The second part will include a look at the online resources available through WebJunction Kansas and a review of the strategic plan recommended in WebJunction's "Pathway for Small Business."

The third part will be a review of the resources available through the Gale Business Databases. It will be taught by the Cengage trainer assigned to Kansas, Dinah Ramirez.