Ethics of Collection Development

This archived event was part of Everyday Ethics, a collaborative program from the Kansas Regional Library Systems and the State Library of Kansas.

Originally presented as an online workshop on May 13, 2010.

Ethics of Collection Development

Sponsored by the Southwest Kansas Library System

Angela Maycock, Assistant Director of the ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom

In this web-based workshop, Angela Maycock,  Assistant Director of the ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom, discusses critical and timely issues of intellectual freedom and collection diversity with Kansas librarians.  This workshop addresses questions of self-censorship in collection development, considering First Amendment issues in the library and the ways in which ALA policy can help guide and inform best practices at the local level.  This presentation sheds light on the often competing interests of intellectual freedom, diversity, and responsiveness to community interests, while addressing the presence and place of potentially controversial materials in library collections.

Ethics of Collection Development from State Library of Kansas on Vimeo.

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